Hi! I’m Claire, a violinist and recent graduate with an avid interest in musicians’ health currently living in Seoul, South Korea. For the next year, I will be teaching English at a private school here to save money for a degree researching musicians’ injuries.

I developed an injury four years ago from practicing violin too much at the beginning of my undergrad. The tendonitis in my left wrist was caused by excess tension in my playing, over-practicing and playing repertoire that was too difficult for me, in combination with other factors such as anxiety and the fear-driven environment of music school. At the time, I couldn’t find any information on how to be a healthier musician or how to continue my life as a violinist while having a chronic injury. Since then, I’ve gathered knowledge from healthcare professionals as well as my own research on how musicians can lead healthier lives in order to have long-lasting careers.

My career goal is to not only provide resources for musicians and music educators on musicians’ health, but to also acknowledge the limitations caused by hierarchical systems in the music world and change the way we approach and teach music. In order for me to do this, I first have to acknowledge my own privilege that has allowed me to become a classical musician and attend a high-ranking music school in Canada. I also have to admit that I am not an expert, in violin or musicians’ health, and that this is a journey of learning about these fields as much as it is about raising awareness and promoting discussion about a healthy musician lifestyle.

I’m also a writer, a researcher, an explorer, an activist. I cycle, swim, hike, canoe and ski. I love to read and travel. But I refuse to be defined by any one word, especially by my injury or my instrument.