Breaking the Silence: Katherine Watson

Welcome to C Natural’s Breaking the Silence series, a collection of musicians’ health experiences from musicians, music educators and performance science researchers. The aim of this weekly series is to create transparent dialogue and a sense of community surrounding musicians’ health issues in our music community. This week I introduce you to Katherine Watson, a flutist and piccolo player. I first met Katherine when we were teenagers and both played in the Kawartha Youth Orchestra together, based in Peterborough. I didn’t see her again until years later when she came to McGill for her Master’s degree. I always admired her because she was not only an accomplished musician, but also took part in McGill’s Triathlon Club and led an active, healthy musician's lifestyle. In this interview, Katherine opens up about physical injuries and being a musician with depression and anxiety.

Breaking the Silence: Stéphane Krims

Welcome to C Natural's first Breaking the Silence post, a new series that will be published every Wednesday where I'll bring in other musicians, music educators or music researchers to share their musicians' health stories and experiences in order to create a sense of community around these issues. My first guest is Stéphane Krims, a double bassist and guitarist, who was very open during the interview about his experiences with mental and physical illness.